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SolarShop has an optional pre-assembly service!



The news keep coming to SolarShop! Recently our company launched an innovation in the renewable energy market: a optional pre-assembly service. Did you have any idea?

First of all, how is this service constituted? This optional pre-assembly service consists of galvanized, lacquered, laser cut and bent steel plates. In terms of advantages, in addition to making installation easier, it also drastically reduces the labor required. Fantastic, isn't it?

In addition, it is important to mention that isolated off-grid solar systems are quite complex which, on the one hand, requires work and, on the other hand, requires knowledge when installing them. However, don't worry about this issue!

Solarshop is here to help you and, therefore, the systems, before being sent to the intended destination, are configured and tested by our professionals, in our facilities, who ensure that all requirements are met and that nothing fails. In this way, they become accessible to all installers with or without experience.

In short, SolarShop has an optional pre-assembly service! Curious about this news? Then see the photos below that we took in our warehouse:

To clarify any question/doubt related to this topic, you can always contact us.  You already know that we will be happy to clarify it.

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